Ashton Memorial
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Ashton Memorial - United Kingdom
Ashton Memorial is located in Lancaster, England.
Ashton Memorial monument was established on 1907 & 1909.
Primary threats to Ashton Memorial :

  • The Ashton Memorial is a folly by millionaire industrialist Baron Ashton in memory of his second wife, Jessy.
  • Its look like as the “jelly mould” and “Taj Mahal of the North”.

Historical facts of Ashton Memorial :

  • The building is in the Edwardian Baroque style and was designed by John Belcher.

  • At around 100 feet tall, it dominates the Lancaster skyline and is visible for many miles around.

  • It also offers spectacular views of the surrounding area including Morecambe Bay.

  • Its distinctive shape has led to it being known as "the jelly mould" and the "Taj Mahal of the North" but simply as "the structure" by local people.

  • In 1981, the memorial was closed for safety reasons, to be opened again four years later.