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Underwater Research view information:

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A nuclear submarine built for the Cold War 1945–1989 and an underwater remotely operated vehicle allowed oceanographers, archaeologists, and engineers in the mid 1990s to retrieve 115 artifacts from eight ships sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, including five ancient Roman ships. The expedition leader, oceanographer Robert Ballard of the Institute for Exploration […]

Ancient Greek Wreck found in Black Sea,Columbia

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Researchers announced today their discovery of the shipwrecked remains of an ancient trading vessel over 2,300 years old that sank in the Black Sea off the coast of present-day Bulgaria. The vessel dates to the 5th to 3rd century B.C., an era known to scholars as the classical period of ancient Greece the time of […]

Water Plant is done by Roman fort is revealed work:

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A 2,000-YEAR-OLD Roman fort has been uncovered on the site of the new 160 million water treatment plants. The remains of the camp were found during work on the Glencorse plant on the edge of the Pentland Hill’s Regional Park in Midlothian. It is the hoped they find will yield clues on how the Romans […]

Florida Treasure Hunters Researching Information:

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Under the 1988 National Marine Sanctuaries Act, anyone who damages or destroys resources in marine sanctuaries is liable for damages. Court documents showed that from January through March, 1992, three vessels working for Fisher’s company, and directed by his son Kane, conducted exploratory treasure-hunting operations in the Florida Keys sanctuary. The ships employed prop-wash deflectors, […]

Archaeologists rejected about mega-tsunamis hitting Australia 10,000 years back

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Archaeologists have rebuffed a theory by geological researchers that Australia has been subject to prehistoric mega-tsunamis up to 20 m in height over the past 10,000 years. According to a report in The Australian, in 2003, geological researchers suggested that ancient tsunamis over the past 10,000 years were much larger than those recorded since European […]