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Reconstructing The Past – A Notable Step Forward In Korean Archaeology

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Archaeologists with few other experts have reconstructed a girl who is 1,500-year-old. She was perhaps 16 years old and had a wide, flat Asian face, a long neck and a slim body. The girl expired 1,500 years ago. But now she’s reborn – well, partially, at least. Officials from the Gaya National Research Institute of […]

Israel Exhibited Rare Ancient Coins Excavated From The Jewish Temple Site

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Israel exhibited for the first time on Wednesday a collection of rare coins charred and burn from the Roman destruction of the Jewish Temple nearly 2,000 years ago. About 70 coins were found in dig at the foot of a key Jerusalem holy site. They give a rare sight into the period of the Jewish […]

Malawi, the cradle of mankind?

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The latest discovery of pre-historic tools and remains of hominids in Malawi’s isolated northern district of Karonga gives further proof that the area could be the cradle of humankind, a chief German researcher said.Professor Friedemann Schrenk of the Goethe University in Frankfurt informed Reuters that two students working on the excavation site last month had […]

Prehistoric trackways and bridges of England and Wales:

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A totally of 174 prehistoric trackways and 19 conditionally possible bridges are known from England and Wales. Many of these are poorly reported, but It it’s an increasingly number have robust scientific dating and analytical informations. Then dating information suggests periods of more and less an intense trackways building activity, which can be compared to […]