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Archaeologists discovered one of Britain’s main medieval graveyards

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Archaeologists found the human remains during a dig beneath an old school building at Cambridge University – one of England’s oldest and most impressive universities. Images from the dig, viewing almost fully preserved medieval bodies unearthed after centuries of burial, were released for the first time yesterday, in a report published by the Archaeological Journal. […]

Archaeologists discovered Underground Pyramid at Tiahuanaco

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The ancient fortress site of Tiahuanaco  in western Bolivia is still itself revealing secrets thousands of years after its peak as capital of an empire, and home to one of the most important civilizations prior to the Inca. Archaeologists from the Tiahuanaco Archeological Research Center have found an underground pyramid at the site using ground-penetrating […]

Egyptian Mummies discovered in sewage

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Two ancient Egyptian mummies with their wooden sarcophagi have been found from sewage water near El Minya, Egypt. Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities says these Greco-Roman period mummies had been buried in tombs in a small village in northeastern Egypt, 150 miles south of Cairo. The mummies, which were found wrapped in several layers of thick […]

Ancient Greek Tomb found with Remains of five People

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Archaeologists found a huge tomb built in the time of Alexander the Great in Greece contains the ancient remains of five people. Including a woman aged over 60, a child baby, two men aged between 35 and 45 and another grown person of indeterminate age. The bones of one of the men bore cut marks […]

Archeologists find out the Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt

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The incredible discovery was headed by a team of Spanish-Italian archeologists with the help of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The ancient tomb was found in a large ancient graveyard of Sheikh Abdel-Quma on the West Bank at Thebes. The complex had a shaft that connects to various chambers, including morbid monuments of demons holding […]