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55,000-Year-Old partial modern Skull exposed in Israel

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A 55,000-year-old partial modern human skull has been exposed in Israel’s Manot Cave,the human skull which supports existing theories of modern human progression and migration. The skull is anatomically related to that of modern humans. The findings could give the scientists applicable latest insights on when the modern humans first started interbreeding with the Neanderthals. […]

Amazing Mosaics discovered in Ancient City of Zeugma

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An international team of archaeologists has unearthed three 2,200-year-old, well-preserved glass mosaics at the site of the olden city of Zeugma in Turkey. The incredibly well preserved mosaics date back to the 2nd century BC, but they’re still as gorgeous as the first day. The olden city of Zeugma, also known as Seleukia-on-the-Euphrates, is located […]

500,000-Year-Old Homo erectus artwork Discovered

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A multinational group of scientists led by Prof Wil Roebroeks of Leiden University in the Netherlands has uncovered the earliest known etching on a fossilized shell from the famous Homo erectus site of Trinil, on the Indonesian island of Java. While cataloging hundreds of freshwater mussel shells composed at the end of the 19th century […]

Scientists find earliest case of human cancer in man who died 4,500 years ago

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The earliest known case of cancer has been recognized in the skeleton of a Siberian Bronze Age man. The 4,500-year-old bones have important marks and holes, alerting researchers to the devastating lung or prostate cancer that the ancient man had endured. This new proof of the illness in ancient bones demonstrates that cancer is not […]

Snake Myth, the Death of Cleopatra

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The talk of the town about the death of the famous queen, the Cleopatra was still sustained. The distressed queen who lost her chamber smuggled the poisonous snake into her chamber to die. Cleopatra died along with two ladies waiting in the room by self inflicted snake bite. According to the Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley, she […]