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Ancient Cauldron Discovered Inside The Tomb Of Celtic Prince In France

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France’s National Archaeological Research Institute discovered an ancient grave site, from probably that of an Iron Age Celtic prince, which may lead to the trade between some of Europe’s earliest civilizations. Since October last year a team from the institute has been excavating the site, and have dated it to the end of the First […]

Archaeologists found a strange mystery coffin near King Richard III’s grave

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Archaeologists found a strange lead coffin close to King Richard III’s grave beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England, enclosed the skeleton of an elderly woman. The Featuring an inlaid crucifix, cautiously soldered on all sides but with feet sticking out of the bottom, the lead coffin was found inside a larger limestone sarcophagus. The […]

Ancient DNA discovered in the Solent may rewrite history of farming in Europe.

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We believed that Wheat was first cultured by human being about 10,500 years ago. According to the studies the first cultivations occurred in the Near East, which then spread gradually to the other regions of the world. People in Eastern Europe started budding wheat about 8,000 to 9,000 years ago, making its way westward, crossing […]