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Greek police seize 2 statues from 2 farmers, which date between 550 and 520 BC, and trying to trade them to a overseas buyer for euros 10 million.

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Greece — Police in southern Greece have apprehended a rare twin pair of 2,500-year-old marble statues and arrested two farmers who supposedly planned to sell them abroad for euro10 million ($12.43 million), authorities said Tuesday. Police said two Greeks aged 42 and 48 were arrested in the Peloponnese region late Friday as they were loading […]

Archaeologist: Prevent Muslim Temple Mount Denial, ‘Barbaric’ Digs

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Dr. Gabi Barkai, senior lecturer at Bar Ilan University and recipient of the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeology, says Israelis must claim that Israeli antiquities law be enforced at Israel’s most significant archaeological site– the Temple Mount. “It is the most significant site in the world for the Jewish people,” Barkai told Benny Tucker of Arutz […]

Archaeologists in Egypt discover Ptolemaic king statue

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Archaeologists in Egypt said that they have discovered a headless stonework statue more than 2,000 years old belonging to an anonymous Ptolemaic-era king. Statement by the Supreme Council of Antiquities says an Egyptian-Dominican team made the finding at the temple of Taposiris Magna, west of the coastal city of Alexandria. Archaeology chief Zahi Hawass says […]