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Reconstructing The Past – A Notable Step Forward In Korean Archaeology

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Archaeologists with few other experts have reconstructed a girl who is 1,500-year-old. She was perhaps 16 years old and had a wide, flat Asian face, a long neck and a slim body. The girl expired 1,500 years ago. But now she’s reborn – well, partially, at least. Officials from the Gaya National Research Institute of […]

Egyptian Mummies Scanned For Heart Diseases and Were Found To Have Identifiable Arteries

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Hardening of the arteries has been noticed in Egyptian mummies, some as old as 3,500 years, signifying that the factor causing heart attack and stroke are not only existing ones; they afflicted ancient people, too. Study results that appeared in the Nov. 18 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and are […]

Israel Exhibited Rare Ancient Coins Excavated From The Jewish Temple Site

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Israel exhibited for the first time on Wednesday a collection of rare coins charred and burn from the Roman destruction of the Jewish Temple nearly 2,000 years ago. About 70 coins were found in dig at the foot of a key Jerusalem holy site. They give a rare sight into the period of the Jewish […]

Archaeologists Discover Mummy of A Young Priestess In Peru

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An archaeological dig has uncovered the mummy of a young priestess, a member of the elite, with several precious items dating from the period of 300-450 AD in Cahuachi, Peru. According to Giuseppe Orefici, director of the Nasca Project, the girl must have been an important person. She would have been between 12 and 14 […]

Archaeologists Have Unearthed The Youngest Moche noble at Sipán site

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Two thousand years ago, a young man was buried in the royal mausoleum next to a huge and brightly festooned Moche pyramid, now known as the Huaca Rajada, at the site of Sipán. Studies have been conducted on this latest discovery that have determined his age at moment of death to be just 21, making […]