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Mummy and lock of hair showcased at college

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An Egyptian mummy and a lock of Mary Queen of Scots’ hair are two of the artifacts that are put on display at a Lancashire college. The collection will be presented at Stonyhurst College, a 16th Century former manor house near Clitheroe. Other items that are included are 17th Century Persian astronomical calendar, a hat […]

33 Peru Mummies Victim of Human Sacrifices

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The head of a team of archaeologists examining 33 mummies found in Peru says the bodies were human sacrifices.”The majority of them were sacrificed using a very sharp bladed tool, possibly a copper or bronze tummy knife. And for the majority there are numerous combinations, complex set of dissimilarity on cutting of the throat, “Mr. […]

Medieval finds at university dig

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Roman pottery, medieval remains and 11th Century dog bones have been found at the heart of Cambridge University during an archaeological dig. The dig has been taking place beneath a tearoom in the university’s central offices, known as the Old Schools. It was one of the events marking the 800th anniversary of the university. Some […]