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Mummified salt men of Iran shifted to archaeological museum:

In the last 10 years 6 Iranian mummies (salt men) have been unearthed at the Chehrabad Salt Mine in the Hamzehlu region near Zanjan, Iran.

Four salt men were kept at the Rakhtshuikhaneh Meseum
in Zanjan.

Due to insufficient funds there were no permanent cases to preserve the salt men. The plexiglass designed for the salt men were not sealed air tight. Changes in the temperature have created cracks in the case and have allowed bacteria to enter. Though the damages are not visible to the naked eye, the bacteria are damaging the internal organs.

Studies on the salt men reveal

First salt men – 1700 years old (Died at the age of 30-40)

Fourth salt men – 2000 years old ( Died at the age of 12-13)

Other salt men – unknown

The Sixth Salt Man – left in place due to the lack of equipment necessary for its preservation in Iran.

According to Manijeh Hadian, studies have been completed for making permanent cases for the salt men. Now the necessary funds should be found for making the devices which will preserve the Iranian mummies in a more efficient way.

Inspite of all the insufficient funding the four muumies are now placed inside the windows of hygroscopic glass at the Zanjan Archaeology Meseum.

Abolfazl Aali said that “Except the First Salt Man which is on display at the National Museum of Iran in Tehran, the other four are put on display at Zanjan Archaeology Meseum“.

Iranian mummies

Iranian mummies

March 24th, 2009 at 11:09 am

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