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Major exhibition at Australian National Maritime Museum

Beagle Model at Australian Museum

A major exhibition coming to the Australian National Maritime Museum which will take visitors on the sea voyage by Charles Darwin and his crew that inspired great theory of evolution.
The young scientist navigated around the globe on his HMS Beagle between 1831-1836. The exhibition to be held in the Australian National Maritime museum from March 20-23 will bring this voyage to life.
Features of the exhibition:
• Introduction to his companions overboard
• What they saw
• Ship plans
• Charts and documents used in the voyage
• Portraits of some of the people on board
• Types of scientific instruments used on Beagle
• A mock-up of Darwin’s cabin
• Pictures of landfalls
• Pictures of people the crew met along their way
• Original Specimens from his natural history collection – crustacean
• Darwin’s studies
• His life with his family in his village Downe, Kent
• Real glass house which demonstrates his interest for orchids
• Scientific study of their reproduction

February 17th, 2009 at 2:24 pm

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