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Major exhibition at Australian National Maritime Museum

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A major exhibition coming to the Australian National Maritime Museum which will take visitors on the sea voyage by Charles Darwin and his crew that inspired great theory of evolution. The young scientist navigated around the globe on his HMS Beagle between 1831-1836. The exhibition to be held in the Australian National Maritime museum from […]

Archaeological Study of a Limestone Sinkhole:

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In partnership with the East National Park of the Dominican Republic, a team of archaeologists and scientists led by Charles D.Beeker of Indiana University has provided an initial evaluation of a mysterious sinkhole in the tropical jungle. During three separate expeditions in 1996, the team was able to penetrate and document the archaeological potential of […]

The Last Days of Otzi’s:

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5000 year old murder case was cracked using new investigational methods by a team of archaeologists in LMU research team. The chronologies of injuries were released to the world few days back by Professor Andreas. The Iceman survived the arrow wound in his back, but after a short time he had received a blow at […]