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Above 1,800 years old marble head unearthed in Israel

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Archaeologists in Israel have been discovered what they believed in it is the bust of a Roman boxer from the second or third century. It seems that what we have be here is a unique find, then the two directors of the excavation said in a statement released Monday by the Israel Antiquities Authority of […]

A fresh clue to solves a Harappan puzzle at UP village:

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For a long above thousands of years, the fields of the Sinauli in western Uttar Pradesh in Indian Archaeology Catetogaryto hid in their secret as well as. But now it is past to out in the open. Beyond the village brick lanes and lounging to the buffaloes, a burial site of the Harappans dating with […]

Wins an Award from an Archaeology in Framework Category:

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The venture joint between Oxford Archaeology and Wessex Archaeology was reorganized in the British Archaeological Awards when it is won the flagship award of the Best Archaeological Project for its work at Heathrow airport. The joint venture, known as Framework Archaeology, was formed in to work for BAA at its airports and the award was […]

Prehistoric trackways and bridges of England and Wales:

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A totally of 174 prehistoric trackways and 19 conditionally possible bridges are known from England and Wales. Many of these are poorly reported, but It it’s an increasingly number have robust scientific dating and analytical informations. Then dating information suggests periods of more and less an intense trackways building activity, which can be compared to […]

Archaeological theoritical of applicant and importance:

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There is no single theory of archaeology, and even definitions are disputed. Until the mid-20th century, there was a general consensus that archaeology was closely related to both history and anthropology. The first major phase in the history of archaeological theory in the United States developed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It […]