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Find Rewrites History of Rock-art

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Arnhem Land, jutting into the Arafura Sea at the top of Australia, has always been a special place for Aboriginal people. Just how special has been reinforced by the discovery of an extraordinary collection of rock art recording life in the area for the past 15,000 years, until 50 years ago. Alongside ancient paintings of […]

Archaeology and Museum sectors working:

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The Department of Archaeology and Museums was receiving international backing from UNESCO, the International organization for conservation of cultural heritage (ICCROM), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and from the contributor countries such as the USA, Japan, Korean, Thailand, Germany and Norway. In a meeting it was disclosed that […]

At Peru the Oldest Gold Necklace founded by Archeologists:

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Archeologists made an amazing discovery in southern Peru after they discovered the oldest gold necklace ever found. This necklace carries nine small gold tubes with a sequence of round stones, recognized as either greenstone or turquoise.The necklace’s gold beads are further thick and cylindrical in shape with various lengths. “This was a big surprise to […]

Jacobean ‘Titanic’ discovered by archaeologists

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Marine archaeologists have discovered a 600 ton vessel as luxurious as Titanic. Marine archaeologists have carried a series of dives on the vessel which is 23 ft inside the water. There are doubts whether it is a cargo ship or a warship.

Archaeology labs prepare for move

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The Archaeology labs on campus are similar to the artifacts placed within them. They are scattered and have been through some wear and tear. The labs are currently in three separate buildings on campus. In two to three weeks, they will be moved into the old printing press office in the basement of Old Main. […]