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£6,000 grant awarded to Heritage center

The association of Independent Museums (AIM) in UK has granted £6,000.The money would be used for improving the external look and the entrance of the building. The Wotton of the Heritage center was extremely pleased with the grants and says that this amount will make the exterior look of the center very attractive and there will be a complete reorganization in both tourist information and the souvenir shop. Recently an exhibition titled The Past in the Present’ was aired to the public. Mary says “It’s not archaeology in the sense of going round and digging things up,”

“It’s about history all around us. As you go around Wotton there’s so much to see, but we all get used to it.

“Door knockers and candlesticks are just a couple of antique items that are still in use today. Everything from horseshoes to shears have their origins rooted in the past.”

“One of the rolling pins on display used to belong to my grandmother, and you can see that the modern ones haven’t changed at all, really.”

July 9th, 2008 at 5:21 am

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