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Trove of Dinosaur Fossils Discovered in Utah

A newly discovered, well-preserved dinosaur bones along with petrified trees were found in south east Utah that could provide clues about life in that region some 150 million years ago. The Bureau of Land Management called the quarry near Hanksville, “a major dinosaur fossil discovery.” An excavation revealed at least four Sauropods that are long-necked, long-tailed herbivore dinosaurs and two carnivorous ones. Animal burrows and petrified tree trunks were six feet in diameter were found nearby. The site doesn’t contain any other new species but provides scientists a chance to study more about the ecology, says Scott Foss, a paleontologist.

The fossilized dinosaurs were from the late Jurassic period as those at Dinosaur National Monument that straddles the Utah-Colorado state line, and the Cleveland-Lloyd quarry near Price. The bones were found in a sandstone channel of an ancient river. “The preservation of these dinosaurs is excellent,” Foss added. The mix of dinosaurs, trees and other species in that area may help scientists put together what life was like 145 million years to 150 million years ago, including details on ancient climate. The Bureau of Land Management is planning to close the site to conduct an environmental assessment for continued work in the area. The agency isn’t disclosing the precise location of the findings due to security concerns.

June 20th, 2008 at 5:25 am

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