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Taj Mahal, the pride of India !

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In the International Advertising Festival held at Cannes, India received the coveted bronze Lion Award for the Campaign of Incredible India Campaign. This is the first time that the tourism ministry was awarded for using the impeccable creativity of the archaeological monument Taj Mahal in the Incredible India Campaign and portrayed in the international market. […]

Trove of Dinosaur Fossils Discovered in Utah

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A newly discovered, well-preserved dinosaur bones along with petrified trees were found in south east Utah that could provide clues about life in that region some 150 million years ago. The Bureau of Land Management called the quarry near Hanksville, “a major dinosaur fossil discovery.” An excavation revealed at least four Sauropods that are long-necked, […]

Skeletons found in NYC park

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Archaeologists recently discovered a bunch of human bones in the NYC’s Washington Square Park on last Monday. They found a bunch of human bones which includes two full skeletons. They already discovered these bones on one of the last three excavations. The park department says that they were little surprised – an expected 20,000 bodies […]

Secret of Delhi Iron Pillar

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The Iron Pillar in Delhi, India has withstood corrosion for over 1,600 years has continues to attract most of the archaeologists and scientists who like to make research on the secret behinds its strength and the way it is designed. A group of archaeologist team from across various countries has recommended the Indian Government to […]

Archaeology findings from Megalithic and Mesolithic Periods

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The first stage of the excavation started at the Aanakkara site near Thirthala was done on Friday and the team of archaeologists left the site with findings dating right back to the Megalithic and Mesolithic periods. The second stage would further start in August and the district panchayat has committed all maintenance for the mission. […]