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World’s First Phone Book Exposed in Connecticut

The only well-known version of the world’s first telephone book is just now exposed in Connecticut. It would be on auction along with a set of worth mentioning books and other documents related to technology, science, math and also philosophy over six centuries. The 20-page directory was actually published in November of 1878; it was just two years after Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. The phone book is having information helpful to 391 subscribers inside the New Haven, Conn., area who were evidently yet learning their way around this fresh communication device.

“Should you wish to speak to another subscriber you should commence the conversation by saying, ‘Hulloa!'” it instructs. The book further goes on telling readers they must leave the “lower lip and jaw free.” They were as well informed never to “use the wire more than three minutes at a time, or more than twice an hour” without first “obtaining permission from the main office.”

May 30th, 2008 at 4:37 am

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