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Snake Myth, the Death of Cleopatra

The talk of the town about the death of the famous queen, the Cleopatra was still sustained. The distressed queen who lost her chamber smuggled the poisonous snake into her chamber to die. Cleopatra died along with two ladies waiting in the room by self inflicted snake bite.

According to the Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley, she sustain who would have happened in the room, how the snake entered, where the snake would have gone and still more. As per the historical records, Cleopatra died in Alexandria at around 30 BC and there was no historical evidence for her prior illness. The decision to die in front of the female servants created a practical note that even in her death she required a chaperone.

The Greek historian Plutarch, Roman historian Cassius Dio says that Cleopatra has smuggled snake into her chamber either inside the jar of figs or water, but the Egyptologist believes that she would have died by self administered poison either in a pin or hair comb. With regards to the snake myth, the Egyptologist thinks that the Egyptian fear, respect, worship snakes and therefore Cleopatra might have worn a crown depicted with a snake. Tyldesley says that the artist might have picked up the snake idea and fuelled the speculation that she died by snakebite.

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