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Reproduction of Iraq’s Ancient Clay Tablets

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A technology usually used in remaking surgery to generate prosthetic limbs is actually now being used to make reproductions of Iraq’s valuable and delicate cuneiform clay tablets, according to an Italian team of researchers. Thousands and thousands of pieces were nearly stolen and busted at Bagdad’s museums during the attack of Iraq in 2003, in […]

World’s First Phone Book Exposed in Connecticut

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The only well-known version of the world’s first telephone book is just now exposed in Connecticut. It would be on auction along with a set of worth mentioning books and other documents related to technology, science, math and also philosophy over six centuries. The 20-page directory was actually published in November of 1878; it was […]

Archaeology and Museum sectors working jointly on preservation of national heritage

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The Department of Archaeology and Museums was receiving international backing from UNESCO, the International organization for conservation of cultural heritage (ICCROM), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and from the contributor countries such as the USA, Japan, Korean, Thailand, Germany and Norway. In a meeting it was disclosed that […]

2,500 year old Fashion Jewelry found by Archaeologist

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Team of Israeli archaeologist discovered 2,500 year old fashion garnishes for women along with a jewelry and a make up kit with a small mirror. It was found when they excavate the caves near the Dead Sea. Tsvika Tsuk, Chief archaeologist said that the research confirmed that there was a prosperous and affluent society of […]

Snake Myth, the Death of Cleopatra

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The talk of the town about the death of the famous queen, the Cleopatra was still sustained. The distressed queen who lost her chamber smuggled the poisonous snake into her chamber to die. Cleopatra died along with two ladies waiting in the room by self inflicted snake bite. According to the Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley, she […]