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Most Developing subject in India- Archaeology

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Archaeology specialist from both overseas and those that are teaching in the country’s universities are now frazzled that archaeology was a extremely dedicated and developing subject whose innovations and findings had to be added by readings in other associated faculties. They were discussing at an important seminar took place at K P Jayaswal Research Institute […]

Anglo-Saxon burial suggests pagan cult

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British archaeologists have excavated a woman’s body adorned with jewelry and laid on a special bed in a site in Yorkshire. The woman’s body was buried in a grave at the center of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery.   Her jewelry includes a huge shield-shaped pendant, mounted by central blue gemstone; the pendant has scalloped-shaped carving with […]

Clay Tablet mystery deciphered

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The mystery of clay tablet at the British Museum was deciphered by British scientists Today. It was believed that a huge asteroid hit the Köfels in the Austrian Alps about 5000 years ago which was the cause of the puzzling land shape. There was no proof that the asteroid was the cause for the mysterious […]