Yamato Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :
April 23,2005

Holidays :

Visiting Hours :
9 a.m. - 5 p.m

Contact No :

Location :
Kure, Hiroshima , Japan

Display Objects :

The museum displays various battleships of Japan.A 1/10-scale model of the battleship serves as the museum's centerpiece in the main hall.

Description :

  • The museum focuses on the history, construction, and crewmen of the battleship Yamato, the four-story building also has exhibits related to Kure City's shipbuilding history and many other WWII-related items.

  • The museum's official name of Kure City Maritime History and Science Museum indicates the scope of the exhibits.

  • The audio guide at the museum states that the 1/10-scale Yamato model "was created not as a reminder of war but to become the symbol of the Yamato Museum to transmit to the next generation the message of the importance of peace and the wonders of scientific technology."

  • The museum shows the history of the naval base in Kure, shipbuilding techniques and offers hands on lessons in the science of water buoyancy and other principals of boat making and sailing.

  • The most admired part of the museum is the Yamato ship replica in the center and the wartime artifacts, the history of this famous ship and its tragic story.