Thessaloniki Museum
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Visiting Hours :
08:00 to 19:30

Contact No :
30 231 0830538

Location :
Thessaloniki , Greece

Display Objects :

The museum houses exhibits of Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman sculptures from the city of Thessaloniki in particular and the Macedonia region in general. One wing hosts the finds from the Sindos cemetery and is called 'The Gold of Macedon'.

Description :

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the only photography museum in Greece. Its goals include organizing exhibitions and publications, supporting historical research and criticism on the subject of Greek photography, creating an updated library with titles and documents of Greek and international photographic literature, as well as enriching its collection with donations and purchases of historical and contemporary photographic works by Greek and foreign photographers. Recently, Greek authorities have been extending posted hours of some key attractions during peak tourist periods. These additional hours are usually not noted on the websites and travel agents and hotel desk clerks may not know about them. Don't decide that you can't go until you directly verify that the museum is really not open the hours you need that day.