The Summer Palace
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Archaeological Museum

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7:00 to 17:00 (Nov.1 to March.31). 6:30 to 18:00 (April.1 to Oct.31)

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Yiheyuan,Beijing City,Haidian District , China

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These are the' Morally Upright' halls where the Qing emperors met with various ministers. Inside are preserved the thrones used by the Empress Dowager and the last Emperor Guangxu while they were on the throne. Also on display are various paraphernalia of the time including incense burners of bronze dragon and phoenix, candlesticks, the mythical beast called the 'Chilin', and the screen that is so pervasive a part of Chinese culture.

Description :

The Summer Palace, located in the western suburbs of Beijing, is the last imperial garden built by the feudal dynasties of ancient China. It was destroyed by the British and French Allied Armies in 1860; the Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) then appropriated the navy's budget to rebuild it. In 1998, this imperial garden, which belongs to world civilization, was entered in the ranks of World Cultural Heritage. Passing further westward, one soon comes to the lake, and to a hall, Yulan Tang, that was built for the relaxation of the Emperor Qianlong. This was rebuilt in the 18"' year of Guangxu and made into a sleeping chamber for the Guangxu Emperor. ln 1898, after Cixi put the Reform Movement into motion, she locked Guangxu up inside this small palace. She had the corridors to east; west and north all sealed or blocked up with brick walls, while the southern entryway was watched day and night by a eunuch that she personally trusted. Subsidiary halls to east and west were stations for female officials and palace women who were on duty.