Queens County Farm Museum
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Farm museum

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Visiting Hours :
10:00AM to 5:00PM

Contact No :
+1 718-347-3276

Location :
Queensland , United States

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This historic farm occupies the city's largest remaining tract of undisturbed farmland, and is still a working farm today.

The site features restored farm buildings from three different centuries, a greenhouse, planting fields, livestock, and various examples of vintage farm equipment.

Description :

  • The farm was privately owned by a Dutch family, the Adriances, from 1697 to 1808. Their three-room farmhouse, built in 1772, has been restored and still stands.

  • In 1926, the Stattels sold the farm to real estate investor Pauline Reisman, who, in turn, later that year sold it to Creedmoor State hospital, which used it for occupational therapy, to stock its kitchen, and to grow ornamental plants for the rest of the hospital campus.

  • In 1975, state legislation authored by Frank padavan transferred ownership of the farm from the hospital to the New York City Department of Parks, for the purpose of starting a museum.