Mapungubwe Museum
Museum type :

Established in :
13th Century

Holidays :
Sun & Monday

Visiting Hours :
Tuesday to Friday 10:00-16:00

Contact No :
+ 27 12 420 3146

Location :
Mapungubwe,Cape town , South Africa

Display Objects :

The museum houses Gold ornaments, ivory, bone, ceramic-ware, clay figurines, trade beads, iron and copper artifacts which are on permanent public display.

Description :

  • The Mapungubwe Museum houses the national treasures of Mapungubwe, South Africa, a 13th century Iron Age site in the Limpopo Valley and a World Heritage Site.

  • This unique archaeological museum serves for educational, tourism, training, and academic and research purposes.

  • The Mapungubwe Collections have been highly valued for six decades for its archaeological uniqueness, cultural richness and historical importance.