Macleay Museum
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Mon-Fri 10am-4.30pm; Sun 12pm-4pm

Contact No :
02 9036 5253

Location :
Sydney , Australia

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Home to a billion year old meteorite, the Macleay makes you feel triumphantly young whatever your age. High on your own youth you'll have oodles of energy to take in their extensive natural history collection. The collections of the Macleay Museum are based largely on the efforts and acquisitions of the Macleays, one of the pre-eminent families in colonial Sydney: Alexander Macleay, William Sharp Macleay and William John Macleay.

Description :

  • The strength of the collection lies in entomology, natural history, ethnography, scientific instruments, and historic photographs.

  • The George Masters Exhibition Space of the Museum is devoted to temporary exhibitions.

  • Overall, the museum houses one of the most important natural history and ethnography collections in Australia, surpassed in Sydney only by the Australian Museum.

  • The building in which the Museum is housed was built off Science Lane in 1887.