Ghibli Museum
Museum type :
Art and Culture

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Visiting Hours :
10:00 to 18:00

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Location :
Mitaka,Tokyo , Japan

Display Objects :

The first floor of the museum has a permanent exhibit on the history and techniques of animation as well as a small theater which shows Studio Ghibli shorts that are exclusive to the museum. The films are rotated monthly, and your entrance ticket gets you admission to one viewing.

The second floor houses special exhibits that change yearly. Previous exhibits include Laputa: Castle in the Sky; Pixar Animation Studios (Toy Story, Finding Nemo); and Aardman Studios (Wallace and Gromit). The museum also has a The Straw Hat Cafe, a Catbus children's play area, a rooftop garden and gift shop.

Description :

  • Ghibli Museum is a commercial museum featuring the Japanese anime work of Studio Ghibli.

  • It is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, a western suburb of Tokyo, Japan, it opened in 2001.

  • The museum is a fine arts museum, but does not take the concept of a usual fine arts museum.

  • With many features that are child-oriented and a sprawling and occasionally mazelike interior, the museum is a playfully created place.

  • On the bottom floor is an exhibit room showing the history and science of animation. One of the displays uses models of Ghibli characters, each in a slightly different pose, arranged in a circle on a spinning table.

  • The models and poses are created like animation frames, which becomes apparent when the table spins in synchronization with a flickering stroboscope.

  • The light flashes illuminate each model as it passes the same spot, creating the illusion of movement and showing how animation works.