Egyptian Museum
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Art and Culture

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Daily 8.30am-6.30pm

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Cairo , Egypt

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This museum exhibits over 120000 objects, some of the important groups of these objects are : Artifacts from the tombs of kings and members of the royal families of the Middle Kingdom found at Dahshur in 1894.The contents of the royal tombs of Tuthmosis III, Tuthmosis IV, Amenhotep III and Horemheb and the tomb of Yuya and Thuya.Artifacts from the tomb of Tutankhamun, consisting of more than 3500 Pieces, of which 1700 objects are displayed in the museum.

Objects from some royal and private tombs at Tanis (in the Delta) dating from the 21st and 22nd Dynasties. Artifacts from the Amarna period made for Akhenaton and members of his family and some high officials. These were found in Tell el Amarna, Hermopolis, Thebes and Memphis between 1912 and 1933. Collections of artifacts from the royal palaces.

Description :

  • The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities contains many important pieces of history.

  • Not only does it house the worlds largest collection of Paranoiac antiquities, it also houses the many treasures of King Tutankhamen, and many interesting statues that moved with the museums many relocations.

  • The Egyptian government established the museum, built in 1835 near the Azbakian Gardens.

  • The museum soon moved to Boulaq in 1858 because the original building was too small to hold all of the artifacts.

  • In 1855, shortly after the artifacts were moved, Duke Maximilian of Austria was given all of the artifacts.

  • He hired a French architect to design and construct a new museum for the antiquities. The new building was to be constructed on the bank of the Nile River in Boulaq.

  • In 1878, after the museum was completed for some time, it suffered irreversible damage; a flood of the Nile River caused the antiquities to be relocated to another museum, in Giza.

  • The artifacts remained there until 1902 when they were moved, for the last time to the current museum in Tahrir Square.

  • This museum is home to hundreds of ancient artifacts that give us a look at the wonderful mysteries on how Ancient Egyptians lived life along the Great Nile River.

  • This is also a very famous museum that attracts the attention of many tourists around the world.