Castle of Seneffe
Museum type :

Established in :
18th century

Holidays :
Government Holidays

Visiting Hours :

Contact No :
+32 (0) 64 55 69 13

Location :
Hainaut , Belgium

Display Objects :

The museum displays displays a collection of antique (mainly 18th century) silverware.

Most parts of the original decoration of walls, floors and ceilings are still preserved, as are most of the marble fireplaces.

Description :

  • The 18th century Castle of Seneffe is situated on a spectacular 22-hectare landscaped park, the highlight of which is the orangery.

  • The construction was supervised by Laurent Benoit Dewez, at the time official architect of the Austrian Netherlands.

  • It narrowly escaped destruction during both the French Revolution and World War II, the latter time because it served as the residence for General Von Falkenhausen, the German military governor imposed upon Belgium.

  • The Museum of Seneffe, housed within the Chateau, hosts an 80- piece collection of finely wrought silver and gold pieces.