Anuradhapura Museum
Museum type :

Established in :

Holidays :
Tuesdays and every public Holidays

Visiting Hours :
8.30am to 5.30 pm

Contact No :

Location :
Sri Lanka , Sri Lanka

Display Objects :

Stone,Timber,Metal,Terracotta findings, coins, Puppets, Drawings, Beads and miscellaneous etc.

Description :

  • Anuradhapura Museum gives an idea on the relics of the past or what Anuradhapura was in earlier times.

  • Anuradhapura's nearness to the south of India influenced the lives of the people in particular and society in general.

  • Many took refuge in the teachings of Lord Buddha but it had a flip side too.

  • Many noted scholars believe that the path of ahimsa made it vulnerable to outside marauders like the Tamil forces of Rajaraja Chola.