Ainu Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

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Visiting Hours :
9 : 30 am to 6 pm

Contact No :
81 (0) 145 722892

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Display Objects :

The museum houses about 5,000 Ainu folk materials and about 200 articles of minority groups of the northern regions, including of the Nivkh, Uilta, Sami, and Inuit, of which 1,500 articles are on permanent display. The library of the museum includes about 100 Ainu paintings and about 6,000 books and other literature.

Description :

  • The Ainu Museum, popularly known as "Porotokotan" was established in 1976 as the Shiraoi Foundation for the Preservation of Ainu Culture.

  • This cultural education facility aims to carry out comprehensive educational promotion projects, such as the transmission, preservation, research and study of Ainu culture.

  • It Collects Folk arts, including loom-weaving, making straw mats, making folk garments and embroidery are always demonstrated, with the aim of enlightening the general public on Ainu culture and of popularizing it.