Ahsan Manzil Museum
Museum type :
Archaeological Museum

Established in :

Holidays :
Sun to Tuesday

Visiting Hours :
Sat-Wed 10.30am-4.30pm

Contact No :
+880 (2) 966 7389

Location :
Dhaka , Bangladesh

Display Objects :

Once the home of the Nawab of Dhaka, today it is a museum with 23 galleries displaying portraits, furniture and other objects used by the Nawab.

Description :

  • On the bank of the river Buriganga in Dhaka the pink majestic Ahsan Manzil has been renovated and turned into a museum recently.

  • It is an example of the nationís cultural heritage.

  • It was the home of the Nawab of Dhaka.Today's renovated Ahsan Manzil is a monument of immense historical beauty.

  • It has 31 rooms with a huge dome atop which can be seen from miles around.