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Archaeology glossary is a comprehensive guide which provides meanings of popular terminology used in archaeology. It is particularly a valuable source for the people who term themselves as beginners in the field of archaeology.

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Adze   A tool, typically made from stone, that was presumed to be used like a modern woodworker's chisel to work wood.
adze-blade   a ground and polished stone artifact characterized by a generally rectangular shape with a beveled cutting edge on one end. Used as a woodworking tool.
Aeolian   Deposited by action of wind.
aerial photography   photographic coverage of the land surface obtained from the air. Useful in locating and recording site positions.
aerial reconnaissance   an important survey technique in the discovery and recording of archaeological sites (see also reconnaissance survey).
aerial thermography   Uses differences in the radiation of heat from the ground to determine where burial sites are located.
Agate   A semi-precious chalcedony formed as quartz fossils of a previous geological age. The colors of agate can be clouded, clear or banded.
Alamanni   German tribe in Southern Germany which lived the time between 260 AD and 750 AD.
albian   European stage of the uppermost Lower Cretaceous, spanning the time between 107 and 95 million years ago.
algae   Photosynthetic, almost exclusively aquatic, nonvascular plants that range in size from simple unicellular forms to giant kelps several feet long. They have extremely varied life cycles and first appeared in the Precambrian.
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