Fereidoun Biglari
Date of Birth  :
March 1970
Place of Birth  :
Ghasreshirin, Kermanshah, Iran
Country  :
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :
MA,PhD candidate at University of Bordeaux 1
Acheivements / Contributions  :

Fereidoun Biglari is an Iranian archaeologist and a museum curator.He has been continuously involved in the research, surveys and excavations of Paleolithic sites in Iran which resulted in many discoveries in both Zagros and the Iranian Central Plateau.Employer National Museum of Iran

Bibliography  :
Fereidoun Biglari is co-founder (with Saman Heydari and Korosh Roustaei) and head of the Paleolithic department in National Museum of Iran which established in 2001. His field of research covers Lower Paleolithic of Iran and western Asia and Middle Paleolithic of Iran in general and Zagros region (Iran and Iraq) in particular. His MA thesis presented a detailed analysis on an Acheulean assemblage discovered on a terrace site called Ganj Par in Sefidrud valley at Gilan in 2003.