George Fletcher Bass
Date of Birth  :
December 9, 1932
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
Underwater Archaeology
Educational background  :
M.A. in Near Eastern Archaeology from The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

Bass was the director of the first archaeological expedition to entirely excavate an ancient shipwreck: Cape Gelidonya (1960). He is often heralded to be the father of Underwater archaeology. He is a Co-Founder to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA).

He has won many awards like Archaeological Institute of America's Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement (1986) Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award National Geographic Society La Gorce Gold Medal

Bibliography  :
Beneath the Seven Seas : Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology<br /> A History of Seafaring Based on Underwater Archaeology by George Fletcher Bass<br /> Beneath the wine dark sea : nautical archaeology and the Phoenicains of the Odyssey by George and several others