Giuseppe Ferlini
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United Kingdom
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Educational background  :
An Italian doctor turned explorer and archaeologist
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  • Giuseppe Ferlini (1800–1870), of Bologna, Italy, was an Italian doctor turned explorer and archaeologist who destroyed over 40 pyramids in a quest for wealth in the 1820s in Egypt and Sudan.
  • He provides as surgeon the Egyptian army, occupying Sudan.
  • While the army stayed at Khartoum and Sennar, he went in 1834 to Meroë and damaged many pyramids there and in Wad ban Naqa while searching for assets.
  • He got only one cache of gold.
  • He tried to sell it to numerous European museums, but at this time nobody believed that such high worth jewelers could be made in Black Africa.
  • His finds were finally sold, and remain at the museums in Munich and Berlin.

Bibliography  :
Cenno Intorno La Raccolta Di Cose Etiop-Egizie: Portate Dalla Nubia In Patria (1836) (Italian Edition) , Nellinterno dellAffrica, 1829-1835 .