Giovanni Battista Belzoni
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He educated hydraulic engineering and worked as a merchant trader.
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • At the age of 40 Belzoni left England with his wife Sara.
  • They went to Malta, where Belzoni learned from a Captain Ishmail that the Pasha of Egypt, a ex- Macedonian mercenary named Muhammed Ali, wanted a hydraulic engineer.
  • Ali was very Western-minded, desiring modern information to develop his poverty-stricken country.
  • Belzoni wrote of Cairo, "It was barbarous, really barbarous, and it relics so to this day."
  • When Belzoni lastly got a meeting with the Pasha, Ali was less than passionate about his plans for a new ox-driven water pump.
  • But he did honor Belzoni a tiny government allowance which allowed him to live a while longer in Egypt.
source: Giovanni Battista Belzoni

Bibliography  :
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