Dr. Charles C. Di Peso
Date of Birth  :
Place of Birth  :
Country  :
United States
Field of Expertise  :
Educational background  :

B.A in anthropology from Beloit College.

B.S in geology from Beloit College.

B.F.T from American Institute of Foreign.

Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • Di Peso diligently researched the entire Gran Chichimeca area and compiled his findings into a set of books spanning eight volumes, called Casas Grandes: A Fallen Trading Center of the Gran Chichimeca.

  • These eight books provide a detailed, almost omniscient, insight into every aspect of the Chichimeca area.Any person that desires to learn more about the Casas Grandes cultures needs to look no further than Di Pesos work.

  • His work is definitely a very important key stone to the understanding of Casas Grandes cultures.

source:Dr. Charles C. Di Peso

Bibliography  :
Casas Grandes: A Fallen Trading Center of the Gran Chichimeca--Volume 1,