Edwin Aubrey Cook
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United States
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Educational background  :

Graduated from the University of Arizona with high honors in 1959.

Graduate degree from the Yale University

Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • From 1961-1963, Cook carried out field work in the Jimi River District of Western Highlands District (now Province) of Papua, New Guinea. He went to the Manga Tribe four time, his final being in 1981.
  • Cook focused on relationship and social structure of the Manga Tribe.
  • His benefit were of the tribe’s transition into the modern world beginning in 1956.
  • He served as Book Review and Articles Editor in Social/Cultural Anthropology four “American Anthropologist” journals.
  • Also with the bear from the National Institutes of Mental Health and US Department of Health Education and Welfare, Cook’s journal “Manga Social Organization” was offered in 1967.
  • Cook also co-edited with Denise O’Brien the Kinship Systems of Highland New Guinea (Universit source:Edwin Aubrey Cook

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