Harold Werner Fehderau
Date of Birth  :
February 6, 1932
Place of Birth  :
Kitchener, Ontario
Country  :
United Kingdom
Field of Expertise  :
Archaeology and Egyptology
Educational background  :
  • Fehderau received his B.A. in Modern Languages from Waterloo College
  • He received his M.A. in German Language and Literature with a minor in Linguistics from the University of Colorado
Acheivements / Contributions  :

  • In 1959, Fehderau starts his duty as a missionary polyglot in the Belgian Congo for the Mennonite Brethren Board of Foreign Missions and the American Bible Society.
  • During his stay, he started to learn the language of Kikongo.
  • Ultimately, he did some study on the language and began work on a new translation of the New Testament in Kituba.
  • By 1969, Fehderau had concluded the translation and compiled together the first Kikongo/English/French Dictionary.
  • Fehderau also wrote numerous articles for different publications such as Practical Anthropology, The Bible Translator, and the International Journal of American Linguistics.
  • Fehderau was incessantly concerned in translation projects, which is why in 1976 Fehderau was chosen

Bibliography  :
The origin and development of Kituba (lingua franca kikongo) (Publications occasionnelles "Ngoma,"),Translating the Bible into Kituba ,A report on Kimbanguists: A visit to some Kimbanguists in the Congo, January 29- February 5, 1967 .