Combe-Capelle Bas
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Couze valley


Year of Research

    Middle Paleolithic site present in the Couze valley in the Perigord region of Southern France.
    The most momentous excavations were those executed by Henri Marc Ami from the late twenties until his death in 1931.
    The task of reporting on his work then fell to his friend and colleague, Denis Peyron.A portion of the collections were later studied by Maurice Bourgon.
    unexpectedly, the deaths of both Ami and Bourgon prior to the publication of their studies meant that a tremendous amount of information went unreported.
    However, Combe-Capelle Bas quickly developed the status of a key site and its industries were central to the formulation of Middle Paleolithic systematics by the Abbé Breuil, Peyrony, Bordes, and others during the middle part of this century.