Chauvet Cave
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Year of Research
30,000-32,000 years ago

    Chauvet Cave is the one of the oldest rock art sites in the world, dating to the Aurignacian period in France, about 30,000-32,000 years ago.
    The site is located in the Pont Arc Valley of Ardèche, France.Archaeological material in the site include bear bones, an ibex skull, and clear at the rear of the cave, a preserved human footprint.
    In 1994,it was founded by Jean-Marie Chauvet.Comparatively the latest baring of an intact cave painting site has let researchers control the excavations, allowing them to prevent the site and its data.
    Since 1996, the site has been under the probe by an international team led by Jean Clottes,including geology, hydrology, paleontology, and conservation.