Archaeological Park and Ruins of Quirigua
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  • Quiriguá is an ancient Maya archaeological site in the department of Izabal in south-eastern Guatemala.

  • It is a medium sized site along the lower Motagua River, with the ceremonial center about 1 km (0.62 mi) from the north bank of the river.

  • During the Maya Classic period (AD 200–900) Quiriguá was situated at the point where several important trading routes came together.

  • The site was occupied by 200, construction on the acropolis had begun by about 550 and an explosion of grander construction started in the 8th century.

  • All construction had halted by about 850, except for a brief period of reoccupation in the Early Postclassic (c.900–c.1200).

  • Quiriguá shares its architectural and sculptural styles with the nearby Classic Period city of Copán, with whose history it is closely entwined.