Ancient Tenements
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United Kingdom

Year of Research
14th century

  • The Ancient Tenements are the oldest surviving farms on Dartmoor, in England.

  • They have been established here since 14th century, and possibly earlier.

  • In Mediśval Britain, grazing rights within the boundaries of the Forest of Dartmoor were strictly limited.

  • However a few settlers were permitted to build farms there, and to release their livestock on surrounding land.

  • These farms became known as the Ancient Tenements, and many still survive today, such as Babeny, Bellever, Brimpts, Brownberry, Dunnabridge, Dury, Hartyland, Hexworthy, Huccaby, Lakehead, Merripit, Pizwell, Prince Hall, Riddon, Runnage, and Sherberton.

  • Belleverís medieval longhouse was demolished only last century when todayís farmhouse was built.Pizwell features a 16th century door and fireplace.