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RECONSTRUCTING ANCIENT CULTURES AND ENVIRONMENTS Environmental archaeology is the science of reconstructing the relationship between ancient peoples and the environments they lived in.

environmental archaeology capability statement The aims of the environmental archaeology section include the reconstruction and interpretation of past environments and economies.

BSc in Environmental Archaeology
Environmental archaeology is seeks to understand the development of the human environment, the interaction of natural environmental change and human activities, and the role of humans in shaping the landscape we see around us today.

Association for Environmental Archaeology (AEA)
Archaeology has many grand narratives covering huge sweeps of time, mass accumulations of individuals and materials.

Analysis of environmental material
The environmental laboratory was established in 1980. It is run by Dr Charlotte O'Brien who has a doctorate in palaeoecology and over 8 years experience in the analysis of plant remains from sites in the UK and abroad.

Archaeoastronomy Archaeogeodesy
Archaeoastronomy's goal is to understand how skywatchers of the past fashioned and refined systems for regulating their primitive calendars and for memorializing celestial events, both cyclical and unique. Often they relied on sunlight and shadow plays striking and passing across targets and designs aligned with Equinox, Solstice and Cross Quarter sunrises and sunsets.

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ArchaeoPhysica has for almost 10 years provided high quality non-invasive survey to the heritage sector with a proven capability across projects from fractions of a hectare up to several hundred hectares in size. It is the leading provider of caesium vapour magnetic survey to UK archaeology and employs qualified geophysicists, not just archaeological surveyors.