Ontario Archaeological Society
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Organisation Name: Ontario Archaeological Society
Established Year: 1950
Place of Location: Ontario
Country: Canada
Mail ID: oasociety@ontarioarchaeology.on.ca
Contact Number: +(416) 406-5959

The Ontario Archaeological Society is a registered charitable organization promoting the ethical practice of archaeology within the Province of Ontario, Canada. It is a public and professional society formed in 1950.OAS goals, the activities of our members throughout the province and our publications. You can also learn about Ontario's over 10 000 year long past and what you can do to find out more about it and help protect that unique and fragile legacy for the generations of tomorrow to appreciate and learn from. The Ontario Archaeological Society began in 1950 as the joint project of a group of enthusiastic amateurs whose interest in "buried history" had been sparked by the exciting lectures of John Norman Emerson, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Toronto. The society's continual growth in membership has made it the voice of the archaeological community in Ontario.