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New South Associates
Organisation Name: New South Associates
Established Year: 1988
Place of Location: Georgia
Country: United States
Mail ID:
Contact Number: 770-4984155

  • New South is a society of professionals that study civilization.
  • We research, excavate, measure, read, and listen to the information that individuals, documents, and artifacts tell us about the history.
  • Our passion is bringing together these pieces into a story that enlivens our collective information of American society in our home communities, states, regions, and country.
  • New South Associates is a women-owned small business providing civilizing resource management services.
  • Incorporated in Georgia in 1988, our firm is nationally known for its ability to integrate studies of place and structures of the past with planning and construction for the future.
  • Archaeological places of the Eastern United States and Caribbean range in age from the pre-Paleoindian period (circa 15,000 years ago) through remarkable sites of the mid-twentieth century.