Nautical Archaeology Society
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Organisation Name: Nautical Archaeology Society
Established Year: 1964
Place of Location: England
Country: United Kingdom
Mail ID:
Contact Number: +44(0)23 9281 8419

The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) is a charity registered in England and is a company limited by guarantee. Nautical archaeology is an archaeological sub-discipline more generally known as maritime archaeology, which encompasses the archaeology of shipwrecks, underwater archaeology and archaeology of related features. The predecessor of the Nautical Archaeology Society was the Council for Nautical Archaeology (CNA). This was formed in 1964 initially under the name the Committee for Nautical Archaeology:"so as to ensure that the many discoveries being made by divers should not go by default through lack of contact with the appropriate learned bodies and to act as a channel of communication with the many interests that were growing up in this new field of research and exploration.