The European Association of Archaeologists
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Organisation Name: The European Association of Archaeologists
Established Year: 1994
Place of Location: Czech Republic
Country: United Kingdom
Mail ID:
Contact Number: +(805) 499 9774

The European Association of Archaeologists is a pan European organization for professional archaeologists founded in 1994. In 1999 it was recognized by the Council of Europe and given "consultative status" with the Council. The EAA is a membership-based association opens to all archaeologists and other related or interested individuals or bodies. The EAA currently has over 1100 members on its database from 41 countries world-wide working in prehistory, classical, medieval and later archaeology. They include academics, aerial archaeologists, environmental archaeologists, field archaeologists, heritage managers, historians, museum curators, researchers, scientists, teachers, conservators, underwater archaeologists and students of archaeology. The main forum for our members to interact is represented by our Annual Meetings. These lively and well-attended conferences, held every September in a different country of Europe, are one of the highlights of the archaeological year.